ORTONIA are a Southport guitar synth fusion band playing venues around the north west.

We have been playing since meeting at school in 2016!

Our music is about passion, energy and youth.


This summer when we set out to make our first studio recording we tried to put all pressures and expectations aside and focus completely on the music.

We wanted to make recordings that are honest - a sound that doesn't trip on itself - something that represents everything that we first fell in love with about music.

We tried to forget about theory and pitch and timing and focus simply on feelings.

As a result, we feel our studio music is the most honest thing we've ever done.

We are so proud of these tunes and hope that they resonate with you like they do for us.


Tony is studying music and dance at college and Will is at Preston Uni studying for a music degree.

Our music includes original material and some covers of other artists' recordings.

We will play any venue and usually draw a crowd of 130+

Dates already booked are shown on the right.

If you would like to book the band to play at your venue get in touch!



Contact us now on 07771 8463472 or email us via this form.

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